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Premier Digital Math Program

Your own private math tutor for only $25 p/month

Everything has gone digital in 2024, including the brand new SAT. SmartThink has created a premier all digital Math platform. SmartThink Math offers an online, self paced digital platform.

  • 3 practice exams

  • 39 skill sections

  • 460 videos

  • $25 per month

It's like having your own private tutor, except at a fraction of the cost!​

Get to Know Us

Here at SmartThink we have taken learning to another level. Each and every single problem has its own video explanation. Most videos are under two minutes and give a thorough explanation of how to solve the problem. Nothing is left in doubt. Tricks and tips are included along the way. With 3 practice exams and over 460 practice problems arranged by topic, there is nothing you can't achieve with SmartThink.

The brand new Digital SAT is here and SmartThink is here with a brand new Math program to prepare you!

Complete Digital Math Experience

$25 per Month

460 Questions 

3 Practice Tests

Full Video Explanations

Brain Storming on Paper

Given the equation below, what is the value of 5x?

10(x + 2x) = 60


                              a. 2

                              b. 10

                              c. 6

                              d. 0.5

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Digital Age

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